Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - The House That Cleans Itself

Now that I've shared one of my humiliating housekeeping snafus, here's Amazon's link to the book that I'm taking pretty seriously. Okay, right now it's in a pile, but I keep lifting the corner of the mound of stuff on top and peeking at my helpful little friend.

Mindy's Website offers lots more info, too.

My Review:

Housekeeping is not my forte. Like Mindy Starnes Clark I feel drawn to helpful hints, but alas, they end up becoming part of my clutter rather than part of my solution.

This book is designed for the housekeeping impaired or challenged. What an amazing idea...restructuring the house rather than attempting to rewire the brains of the household members.

Eureka! If you have struggled with waves of stuff, or a house that seems to explode contents randomly and without warning, this book may be "the one!"

The very Christian message of prayer and persistance is within the pages along with encouragement.

Though I may not begin tomorrow, the ideas and tips are going to be swirling in my mind for weeks, and I'll end up taking a highlighter to the book and then I'm going to get to work.

Two of my housekeeping nightmares are printed in the book and it was no surprise to my friends and family that my stories were chosen.

The House that Cleans Itself and I are going to become very close. I think I can smell lemony fresh freedom.