Thursday, August 28, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Real Smart

 The pups are pretty stinking smart. I use this word cautiously, mind you. 

Evidence of this? Not in the massive wrestling picture below. No. Not sharing their smart skilz there. 

The picture of the bone is the picture we should focus on. Now. I was highly annoyed when we came home from church on Sunday to discover that someone or someones had gotten a wee mite bored and decided to dig a hole in their bed. (Beagles can dig. Beagle puppies can dig and boy do they love to dig. Digging might be their favorite, after treats, that is.)

So while cleaning up all the happy stuffing snow I discovered a heavy object in the bottom of the bed, near the hole. A bone. They were clearly just burying a bone and didn't have access to dirt. Poor babies!  

Second evidence of smartness? They were jumping onto the couches at will and helping themselves to whatever we happened to be eating or drinking lately. So. They had to be taught "Lie down" and "Stay!" The first night resulted in a very cold dinner for me. Every time they actually stayed and relaxed I gave them a treat. Every time they did not I picked them up, gently pressed them into a down position and gave my commands. Times 2. Yes. That's a lot of puppy wrangling. However, the 2nd night of this training resulted in less incidents of breaking stay. 3rd night they ran for the puppy bed and jumped in instead of jumping right up on the couch and seemed pretty content with the drill.  Three nights to get something. That's rock star smart. (No comment.)

And, they aren't quite 100% on the potty thing. So. There's that. But I'm going to tell myself they are super smart and will get all that eventually.