Saturday, June 20, 2009

Super Cinema Saturday ~ The Proposal ~ Reviewed

My Review:

Romantic comedy junkies are in for a treat. As a Bullock fan I couldn't resist the sneak preview of The Proposal. Even after the first five minutes of the film were soundless due to technical issues in my theater, I have to say it's one of the best films romantic comedies I've seen in quite some time.

Ryan Reynolds doesn't need words to act, his eyes and facial expressions make his thoughts loud and clear. Are there more expressive eyes in Hollywood? And sarcasm, oh, there is plenty of sarcasm from both main characters. Nobody does psycho/prickly/vulnerable like Sandra Bullock. Anyone who loved While You Were Sleeping and Two Weeks Notice is going to find similar flavors of fun and fire in The Proposal.

The story is quirky and odd enough that I smirked through much of the plot as it unfolded. You can't have romantic comedy without some predictability, but it was a joy to watch. Oscar Nunez (The Office) played multiple scenes and one left me laughing until I squirmed. If you can't stomach the thought of Oscar dancing in a Speedo, you might want to wait for the DVD version so you can skip it. A semi-nude scene with Bullock and Reynolds, along with the Speedo dance make it iffy for kids, as does a smattering of off-color comments and a bit of language. The semi-nude scene runs in the previews I've seen, but there are a few prolonged moments with Bullock covering up but showing lots of skin and a side view of a collision that make it longer in the movie. Betty White looks great and plays a grandma with a special connection to Mother Earth. The scenery is breathtaking.

Overall, though not perfect, this is a movie worth the few hours and the full-price movie ticket investment. A charming, fun, summer evening movie.