Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Pooped Pups...

Over the weekend we camped. 
The pups went along. 
And boy did they find it exhausting. 

For starters there were Gertrude and Gladys's nieces Lilly and Lola who were able to be off leash the whole time. And they flaunted that freedom. Next came the many children. Children hanging off trees, children screaming and running through deep weeds. Children playing hide and seek in the dark with lanterns. Even two babies who cried and squealed.
 Then there was food. All those children guaranteed spilled food. And some children were short enough that a hot dog bun was an easy thing to grab. And the grabbing of food guaranteed child antics. 

Fire crackled throughout the day and night and into the next morning. A stream with a miniature waterfall burbled just beyond the camp area. And coyotes howled, not too far on the horizon, starting when the huge harvest moon began to climb into the sky. Tents full of sleeping humans that occasionally needed to be unzipped for one reason or another,  a child who startled and cried. The coyotes even yipped frantically in the distance, very late in the night, when they found something they liked. Gertrude and Gladys needed to be on their game, able to growl menacingly with each new noise. And if one of their humans didn't get on top of it, bark outright.  And best of all. During the light hours Gertrude and Gladys were able to run free. The grasses and weeds were so tall each step required leaping and bounding. And there were so many smells to investigate. Plus their humans kept testing their listening and obeying skills.  
When Rob and I hauled our stuff inside to begin the washing and repacking of our camping gear, two very sleepy pups took advantage of the creature comforts of home.