Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - The Dead Whisper On

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My Review:

The Dead Whisper On is completely different than Waking Lazarus.

Which goes to show readers that T.L. Hines is versatile in his story telling skills?

Two secular books I've just finished are far more "spiritual" in nature than The Dead Whisper On which goes to show how the face of Christian Fiction is changing. The spiritual elements in "Dead" are heavy and at the same time light, the gospel isn't shared, but the underlying truth of dark versus light is handled in a fascinating manner.

Hines sets his story in Montana and in the hands of miners. Spiritual forces manipulate and stir the setting making for a unique tale that feels like a blend of Cramer's Bad Ground, Peretti's Monster, and a handful of non-gory horror stories. With the addition of humorous banter, a hint of romance, and a snappy character coming-to-grips, there's quite a feast.

Hines has created a character -- flawed and honest -- who only wants to change one thing in her life and ends up changing the world.

The Dead Whisper On cuts across genres. Who can I recommend it to? Those who like a well-written tale of good vs. evil. Those who like a touch of mystery or horror or fantasy mixed with well-written story.