Thursday, December 29, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Slacker

Slacker seems so harsh. Maybe not slacker. I've been busy living life. By living life I'm saying that there are precious little ones that kind of need me right now. I've been coming home to a round faced little blonde boy who lights up when I walk in the door. And more often than not a newborn shows up for a visit. Yes, my daughter has a foster newborn. Join us in prayer that he becomes a permanent fixture. It would be best. (Hence the face covered picture. No babies were harmed in the gentle love patting session!) 

The computer is getting lots of down time. 

However, my friend Nora has interviewed me and is running one last Out of the Frying Pan book giveaway for the year. Please visit her, here. And please have a safe and fabulous new year weekend! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Hopeless? Think Again

Here is the last 2016 Out of the Frying Pan blog tour post. My whole testimony of God's grace. Well, the big stuff anyway.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Someone Should Try These...Send Pictures!

Yesterday I posted fun Pinterest fail pictures.

Well, today here is this!  DIY gifts! It's not too late to craft for your friends and family. I'm especially not going to try number 18. Seriously, I know my skill set well enough to know that I would not end up with anything recognizable to anyone. 

But hey. Did I tell you I did some arm knitting? I made a scarf. Then it started unraveling because I don't have a clue. But I pulled it apart and redid it. I mean when you can knit a scarf in an hour and take a mere two to unravel and only one more to reknit Win! I can't take a picture of the one hanging round my neck because my phone is officially lost in transit. Did I mention the repair and return thing failed?  The phone was delivered to my porch but I did not get it. I think, honestly, that some idiot followed the Fed Ex truck and grabbed packages after they were delivered. I'm waiting to see if Fed Ex finds it. Sigh. So no picture today. But here's a video on arm knitting! This one seems more helpful than the first one I watched. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Who Doesn't Love a Good Fail?

I just had to share this. 

Pinterest Fail Gallery 

Because I have so many Pinterest fails of my own. Or ideas that I think might be brilliant ideas. 

Case in point. The time I thought I could just quickly waffle iron marshmallows. True story. Guess how long it took me to clean that mess up?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Around and About

I have a couple links to share. 

For starters, visit Maria Morgan's site where I share my thoughts on a hero who is close to my heart. 

And last but not least, I share a bit about the difference between cats and dogs and what type of worshipper I want to be at JenPhoebus

Monday, November 21, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Recipe for Romance

I shared a recipe for romance over here

It might be just what you are looking for for Thanksgiving. Or not. But you still might be hunting for a free copy of the book. You know, THE book. Wink. Wink. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Romance

Today I was asked to share the most romantic thing my husband has ever done. 

Now this romantic gesture might shock you. 

If doesn't involve diamonds.

Or chocolate. 

Or a massage, rose petals or a perfect-for-us play list. 

You have to go here to read it. Oh, and there's a free copy of Out of the Frying Pan waiting to be won! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ An Official Review Post

Blogger Sarah invited Michelle and I to hang out with her twice. Then she mentioned she'd like to read Out of the Frying Pan. I sent her a copy and she posted about us again. Here it is. 

And completely unrelated is my Modern Day Mishap post. 

I really can't share more than the fact that my life is just weird and I find pockets of hysterical laughter in the oddest places sometimes. Like this morning when my daughter tagged me in a video showing a short grandma falling into a crib. I wept laughed. Should I share it here? Okay. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Grab it While You Can

I'm featured in Book Fun Magazine this month through an interview with Nora St. Laurent. Nora asked some great questions. My food and book column is featured as well, with a couple of recipes. And there are so many more fascinating things to read.  

Get a free kindle download through the 15th here. Just click "Buy now" and it will load for 0$ to a free kindle app on your phone or computer. You have to have the app first, obs. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ The Sun Will Be Out Tomorrow....

Kiddos practicing contortionist skills like Sophie from AGT
Facebook is many things.

It is something to scroll through to keep up on the doings and comings and goings of acquaintances, friends, family and wannabes in any of those categories.

Home of dog, cat and hedgehog ridiculousness. Oh, pigs, let's not forget the pigs!

Facebook is a tool for communicating an event or a bit of news in your life. As a new novelist it's invaluable for getting news out to my people regarding what's going on with my book and it gives them a chance to join in my celebration. Just like it gives me the opportunity to see the joys and accomplishments in others lives and a chance to celebrate them.

Not all my favorite people are there on Facebook. Some are. Many others are random and sporadic or not at all. But Facebook allows me to see a slice of life for loads of people I care about. 

It is a unique place though. I've noticed that I have relationships there that are kind of hovering on simmer when they would otherwise have faded off into the distance. I think of my friend Cory, a girl I grew up with. My cousin and cousin-in-law Julie (both of them, how convenient) who cross my path on Facebook far more than in person. But I can "like" things that are going on in their lives. Share a bit now and again and feel a connection with them.

Friends from different seasons are there, too. I don't see Bonni and Sandy, Peggy and Sue every day anymore like I did when we worked together. Friends whom I've laughed and cried with over the years like Jody and Erin, I rarely see them. But I can see what they've been up to with the click of a finger.

Leslie holds a piece of my heart, Tiffany and Sarah, too. Young moms in a whole different season, two in different states. It warms my heart to see pictures of them with their little kiddos and read comments about things going on in their lives.

Writing friends are busy friends and sometimes so much to do equals no connection at all. But if I'm wondering what's going on in Gina or Ane's world, I can scroll their Facebook.

New friends, too. My path just crossed with those of some great folks in Minnesota. Because of Facebook we can keep in touch and our paths will likely cross again sometime when I'm there.

I can laugh with people, pray for people, grieve with people in spirit on Facebook. I can even share heart felt thoughts and know that most of the people who read them are going to understand.

But there is a dark side to Facebook, too. The anonymity of it. The quickness of communication without the benefit of tone of voice or non-verbal language. Some choose to use Facebook as a bully pulpit. Or as a monologue. Some feel the need to correct or condemn others with posts or comments. Some choose to fight to be right rather than to bite the tongue out of love for the other person. Wise Thumper's mother said that if one can't say something nice, one should say nothing at all. My mom quoted that often. I'd like it to say kind. Kindness is better than nice. Nice can be faked. Nice can be drenched in passive aggressive sugar. Kindness comes from the heart. 

Friends, acquaintances, loved ones, ones I know hardly at all but like none-the-less, strangers who post hilarious pet videos that make my life so much more fun, please, please, please don't let something as huge as Tuesday's events destroy people's hearts, minds, peace. I scrolled through for twenty minutes  on Wednesday and my heart aches. 

This too shall pass. It does every four or eight years. Changes will happen. But one person cannot destroy the entire world. And they literally have no power to destroy your hope, your attitude or your peace. Unless you chose to give them the power to do so.

You voted out of your passion and convictions. So did I. I hope we all did. What's done is done. 

Carelessly, or angrily tossed words can't be taken back. If you need to heal, Facebook might be a place to avoid for awhile. I'm cautiously going to continue on in my use of Facebook as something that enhances my life. If grace is needed. I will give it. If something is yucky I am going to ignore it because I will assume the person spewing the ugly is processing and working out their struggles via social media. 

The headlines will be replaced with other issues and tragedies. But there will be more cute pet videos and sweet pictures of mamas and babies. Someone will win Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Good will still be done. The sun will be out tomorrow, behind the clouds possibly, but there. 

Life will go on.

I love you, Friends. Warts and pimples and wrinkles and all, and I hope you can see past mine, too. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Tea for Two...Well...Guests

I completed another whirlwind trip to Minnesota. Michelle and I were invited to a tea party as guests. (I love this means we didn't have to do anything but show up! PERK!) 

The tea was worth the drive.

Michelle has been before and the ladies are big fans of hers. They welcomed me with open arms.

First. The food.

Unbelievable amounts of deliciousness. Most items came in dairy free options as well gluten free and everything was delicious. I mean really delicious.

They gave us our choice in hatwear and tea cups. Many, many choices. They have acquired unique head coverings and tea cups through the years of building this special book club. 

And then we talked about books. Not just ours though many of them shared bits of Out of the Frying Pan that were their favorites. And they are eager for book two to come out soon. Hmmmm motivation to write...

I was shocked two hours after lunch when Michelle announced it was time to go. The stories those ladies told. Whoeee there is some serious fiction fodder there. No, actually, if we tried to write up the stories as fiction people would say they were way too unbelievable. True story.

We ended our time together by opening their gift to us. Each of us received a small frying pan filled with hand made artisan gifts. Apple butter, lotion, soap, lip balm, knit scrub pads and dish cloths. Goodness. The gift smelled delicious and the topper was a bouquet made from scavenged silk flowers. Ha. Ha. They literally came from a dumpster. Well, one of the gals used to work at a book store and they were rescued from the fate of the dumpster. She's had them for years and just knew that this was the occasion with which to part with them. 

These flowers and frying pans will show up at our author's table this weekend you can be sure of that!  The dumpster diving sparked a lively conversation. I was able to talk about my grandma's years in a condo that bordered an apartment complex. She was a regular visitor to the dumpster when people moved out. She was always horrified at the things people threw out. I probably still have some items she scavenged and offered to me. 

Did I mention the stories were hilariously stranger than fiction? 

A good time was had by all. Especially me! 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Appearances...Keeping Them Up...

I told you November would be a busy month again book wise. 

Here's the first blog post of the month wherein I share about buried treasures. Yes. It's true, I do!

Well. Maybe not the treasures you are expecting. But treasures nonetheless...ask any book lover or Jesus lover.

Tomorrow I am on the road appearing with Michelle at a writers' tea. I believe we are guests of honor. I assume that because we don't have to make food and there was an invitation. I'll let you know if we are the cleanup staff or something like that. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Random Bits, Brain Fog and Head Colds

Is it just me? When I have a head full of cold and sinus and a weekend full of children's activities I have zero creativity. Nada. Nuthin.

Granted the weekend activities were things such as wrestling kids in and out of car seats and costumes. And with a head full of unmentionables that alone is a challenging task. But it was Halloween weekend with a party, a trunk or treat and the main event. 

And I did finish three articles that were due for the Out of the Frying Pan book tour. And study for and teach a Sunday School class. And varnish cabinet doors. And create and make a recipe for The Book Fun Magazine column I write. 

Monday night after the trick or treating this grandma crawled into bed slathered in oregano oil and slept like a mummy. 

And last night I unapologetically watched television and cleaned hedgehog cages and snuggled with pups who've been feeling neglected. Oh, and I got my oil changed since I was about 2k over the recommended oil change sticker that has been inducing guilt for a few months. The receipt says I received a "pretty girl" discount. Holy moly wonder how many times a feminist has jumped over the counter and punched the cashier/mechanic right in the man bits when that discount appears on her receipt. I'm guessing angry feminists only get the "pretty girl" discount once. 

Also, an adult without a child, wending it's way through the child packed trick or treat streets, wearing a creepy costume. At least it wasn't a crazed killer clown, simply possibly the oarsman who silently rows people down the River Styx. Fun times. Fun times. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ My Stars

The weirdest part of being published is being read by people who know me.

That may sound funky to say because the people who know me and love me are going to find my voice and picture me in the whole mix and somehow that's going to ensure that they love my story. Right?

Early on in the "shopping" process where we were given an offer from the publisher we decided to go with eventually a lady from church asked to be able to read the manuscript and edit it because she just loves to edit. I sent it to her over email. Granted, this was just a gesture because our book had already gone through the edited-to-death phase.

This lady, a few weeks later came to me in the church bathroom, of course. "Hey. I've gotten a start on your book. I told you I'd be honest. There are a lot of words. So many I finally have decided the whole plot was about one woman wanting to get flowers out of a dumpster. Is the whole book going to be like that? Because I just don't think it's my cup of tea. I read hard books, I've read Frank Peretti so I'm pretty sure it's not me, it's your book." This comment is paraphrased. 

Fortunately, my co-author is an extremely good editor and multi-published herself. And the critique group I worked with is no-nonsense, get-rid-of-that-paragraph, red-pen-slashing tell-it-like-it-is sucker punchers. So my skin had developed a tough enough exterior that I was able to tell her to please stop reading it and thank her for her time.

Honestly, there are people who aren't going to love this story. I'm okay with that. Because likely, they are folks who don't really "get" me any way. I get looks on occasion. I know when I'm just being tolerated and when I'm being dismissed and when someone truly enjoys my company.

I've also had bloggers who didn't know me from Adam tell me that my interview process caused them to instant click and order Out of the Frying Pan or suggest it for their next book club meeting. And so far they haven't been disappointed. One friend purchased two copies hoping to eventually get one back from her sister who loved it. The other copy went to a friend who's husband is going to be reading it out loud to her during her chemo treatments. This comment alone has made all the struggles worth it. To think that something we wrote could bring escape during a really rough period of time makes me feel so blessed. 

Several people have told me it's been a long time since they read a book that made them laugh out loud. People are loaning their copy to friends. Right now a copy is going around my office. The girls, one by one, are reading it over nights and weekends and during lunch. One plans to take it to Portland next week, another is taking it to Texas in November. We are still in a top 100 on Amazon, in the 60's. We are there with books in the Amish genre and with books written by big name authors. Our 17th review was just posted on Amazon. Three reviews from strangers have been three star reviews, seven gave us four stars, the rest are five star reviews. The most critical three star review made a few comments about errors she'd spotted, one being the airport being mentioned as five minutes away then it morphed into two hours of fast driving...the five minutes down the road referred to the nursing home not the airport so I'm not sure how she misunderstood that. She also questioned "white noise whooshed in his ears" and said "what is white noise?" So I'm thinking she was VERY generous giving us three stars because she did not get us at all. Romantic Times gave us four stars. They rarely, rarely give out five. 

The fact that I review novels has made the reviews very interesting. I won't write a review of a book that would be less than a three star read. Three stars means theres several reasons I liked it but others might like it a whole lot more so I keep those readers in mind. I only give five stars if I feel like the author nailed characters, plot, timing, dialogue and setting/scene. I don't often give five stars. So four is very good. 

I now have an author signing at my local library in November. Where I am likely to run into patients and who knows who else. This is a small town. So I'm using all of the above swirling feelings to help me get through that day. The one where I'm likely going to feel like I've forgotten to get dressed and am walking through crowds in my mismatched underwear! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ I Shoulda Been a Writer...

The blog tour mania has left me a little bit worded out. How strange. That never happens. Right now I'm soaking in the fumes of varnish and so glad I wore gloves when staining so I don't have filthy fingernails. The dogs are wrestling on the newly carpeted stairs and I'm gearing up for a full 5 Day Grandma gig. Ha. Maybe that's why I'm speechless. 

A little funny which I will go into more of later at Modern Day Mishaps or elsewhere. My boss doesn't like to share his bathroom. But because he's only one lone discontented man and there are 13 others -- 12 of those women -- he pretty much has to. So he asked me to put up a sign in his bathroom spelling our the rules. 

I can not put up a sign that just states the facts. So I put up one that was snarky and sarcastic and pretty amusing to me. 

He came to me later. "That was hysterical he said. I was so impressed with your use of flotsam. You just don't see that word very often." I laughed and thought to myself. "He paid me to mess around at work and entertain myself. Jokes on him." Then he said. "You really are in the wrong career because you could be making 10 times what you are making now if you wrote for a show or something." 

I laughed even harder. Hello! I've blogged for years. I tweet an occasional show stopper, I have two cute dogs and two cute hedgehogs who have yet to have gone viral. Oh, and I just had a book published. I'm pretty sure my talent isn't going to be "moving me on up" any time soon. 

Oh, sweet mercy. I just said. "Thanks! Glad you liked your sign." 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ My First Podcast!

Michelle and I were guests on Writers & Authors on Fire a few weeks ago. That conversation is now published. Here's the link. This was so fun. We laughed quite a bit and John Vonhof was VERY PATIENT!!! We actually manage to give some tips and helpful advice along the way. 

So much fun. It's an hour. So if you are cleaning or cooking or folding laundry (my favorite times to listen to podcasts) pop it on and enjoy! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Zula's Glossy Mag

Zula is all atwitter. Once you are wide awake and able to handle her chirpy excitement head on over to Zu-fer to see how you can read her interview. I'm pretty sure she got all the details for downloading the free stuff correct. Trust me, don't read it until you have your caffeinated drink of choice in your system. 

It might be a three part process for you to download everything but 1) it's all free until Thursday. 2) next month promises that there will be more...I did an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink style interview that will post in the November issue. So once you have the two steps done downloading the free Amazon reader app and joining the book club you'll be able to one step order next month's during the free period. Win. Win! 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ The Rest of the Story...Frying Pan

If you are hankering for more of Fern and Zula's back story, our behind the scenes story is here today. 

And there is still a giveaway going on here

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Meetings of the Minds.

A serious and animated discussion on the themes and hidden meaning/depth in the plotting and characterization in Out of the Frying Pan punctuated the book club agenda. 

The Connor, Owen and GMA book club is very serious about their books and only read a few a year due to the difficulty with print size and understanding the written word for some members.

Out of the Frying Pan was chosen because of the close relationship they have with one of the authors. Now this in and of itself is a problem. They will tread very carefully when formulating the review and the star rating. The authors know this and would expect nothing else from this finely tuned book club of three.

Of course, GMA is invaluable for the wisdom born of life experience. Plus the stories she has read, the woman knows books. Owen and Connor bring the element of newness and unbridled joy when something really clicks in the story line or mechanics of the novels they choose.

Usually this club meets more than once and discusses different elements of the book each time. The first discussion was over the dual genre. Unfortunately, this took over the full agenda but was finally resolved. Owen methodically counted the red herrings used to show the meeting of expectation for the cozy mystery elements. Connor, who enthusiastically wears his heart on his sleeve, is enamored with the equally solid romance aspect. 

GMA once again steered the book club to the common sense middle road where the book could be dually classified because it met the requirements of both. Of note, Out of the Frying Pan is called a romantic cozy mystery because the romance does not follow the formula of romance to the T. After all, the classic is boy meets girl, conflict, feelings, conflict, parting, reconciliation and happily ever after. Connor teared up a bit as he was forced to concede and agree with the decision they must make. Once decided all jumped on board, but bed time was approaching so further discussion was shelved.

Next month they with get together to discuss the hidden themes within the pages. Already suspicious that love and food will be closely connected they are also wondering about the murder and the motives and looking for the deep human condition that can tie the love and murder together. Hopefully the younger members will get good naps in because this could prove to be volatile.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Blonde Happens

I've never been a blonde. Ever. Okay. I did do the lemon juice combed through the hair highlights experiment one summer. And one time with the product in the late 70's that gave "perfect sun kissed highlights." But that's it. And the highlights were NOT blonde. 

But a blonde virus swept through my office a few weeks ago and I succumbed. Here's the story. 

Monday, October 03, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Wait, There's More....

Our Out of the Frying Pan Goodreads contest is closed. If your name isn't David or Nancy, you didn't win one. Oh, your name is David or might not be THE David or Nancy. But good news! Real good news. There is another contest. Yes. You heard that correctly. And this is an autographed copy signed by both of us, a book you can fold the cover back on and dog ear the pages and give to your aunt's best friend to read when you are done with it. 

Go here to read about why I read, what I like and why. And sign up for that coveted copy. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Books, Books, and Life

Part of me feels a little guilty for just moving forward and not acknowledging the stuff happening in our world. Train wrecks, shootings, racial tension, politics. 

But then what do we do with this upheaval and angst and fear and horror? If we are praying people, we pray, and hope for mercy and cling to our faith. If we are not, we attempt to escape. 

My heart and my prayers are turned not only toward the victims but toward the only hope I have, we have, and I just can't join the discussions over these tragedies and hairpin societal turns and plunges. Because then my focus shifts to the darkness and the seeming hopelessness.

I would hope this silly little book would give someone a break from the world around them. And maybe a sense of hope that though darkness hovers over us, light does break through, and the fat lady hasn't sung yet. No matter how loudly she's rehearsing. Does that make sense?  

I just sent out another free e-book. 

Here's a chance to win a signed copy from Michelle. And a little more about Michelle, and the book.  Yes, I signed it too at our book signing event last weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Crickets

This is strange. I don't know what to do with a quiet moment. I currently don't have a blog post to promote except ones I've already posted. Of course the Goodreads giveaway is still open one more day and Fiction, Faith and Fun is still live with a giveaway. And I'll have another guest blog post tomorrow to promote but right now it's all quiet. I haven't checked our sales ranking. Our reviews have remained at 7 on Amazon. Most of them are 5 star. Michelle hasn't unloaded anything to promote. I'm answering questions for a huge interview for The Book Fun Magazine that reaches thousands of book club members. And will have a smattering of other Q & A's and stuff here and there throughout the next few months while we continue to promote our novel. 

But the huge amount of energy and time that has gone into this book launch the past couple of weeks has created a kind of a momentum. So I guess I write without anything to say. Probably we could just call this normal for Scrambled Dregs, because I often seem to not have a point, right? 

How about I just tell you how much I appreciate all any of you have done. If you've encouraged me, read me, traveled through this process with me, or read my book, thank you. And maybe go to Zu-fer because Zula has a story. 

Thanks and I'll see you tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Where Are We Today?

I'm nowhere but here, kids. I know. This book tour flurry is now down to a manageable soft smattering of appearances. However, I do have a few things. 

Michelle dissects how to do a book launch party, here
Zula's POV regarding the book launch party is here

What can I add? Oh, that it was a blessing in so many different ways. The best part might have been when the party was almost over, aka safe for curious hands to be touching food and stuff, my grandkiddoes showed up. Of course it was all they could do not to scatter and search for the coolest stuff but fortunately the mocktail table with the bright colors and cherries on toothpicks caught their eyes. I happened to be standing there signing a book. When I passed the book over their heads little boy saw the back cover and my picture. He started pointing at it and his eyes grew huge. 

"Yeah, buddy, that's what this is all about, why we are in Minnesota for the weekend. Grandma and Aunt Michelle wrote this book." He was impressed. Til he saw the food table anyway. 

Enough warm fuzzies to still be keeping me smiling though. Once Upon a Crime was incredible to work with and their store is just pretty perfect. If you are ever in the area and you love a good mystery you should pop in. The poster they made for their front window that publicized our book will be hanging permanently in the store because Michelle is one of their locals. Good people. Great store. 

Michelle is here, today, sharing a bit about her side of the Out of the Frying Pan journey.  

Our Goodreads giveaway is still live. Relz Reviews and Fiction, Faith and Fun are running ones, too. 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Out of the Frying Pan by Michelle Griep

Out of the Frying Pan

by Michelle Griep

Giveaway ends September 30, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter Giveaway

Monday, September 26, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Who's My Favorite?

I guess you'll just have to go here for the answer!!! 

Okay. I'll give you a little more to go on. It's one of the characters in Out of the Frying Pan! 

And Sarah Ruut is running an e-book giveaway, too. So you should probably go. 

And Michelle visited there when promoting her last novel, so check it out as well. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Oh You Wanna Know, Doncha???

I'm in much cooler (this is good right now) Minnesota getting ready for my first book signing! Woot! Woot! This is tomorrow at 6:30 should you be passing through the twin cities. We are doing three gift giveaways. Two will contain original art work by Fern. Yes. True story. 

Attention readers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area ...Saturday, September 24th, y'all are invited to the book launch of Out of the Frying Pan. Join me and my co-author, Krazy Kelly Klepfer, for a night of mystery and mocktails at the Once Upon a Crime bookstore in Minneapolis at 6:30 p.m.
604 West 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Today Michelle appears at the cute/fun Animals & Authors blog with Ada Clare her crazy boxer babe. You should go check this out because Ada's real cute, especially in the picture where the next frame would show Michelle upside down and Ada on top of her. 

Tonight we will be doing an author interview via www will be talking and recorded. There are a list of questions for us to ponder so we hopefully sound slightly less than idiots. 

Giveaways still alive and kicking. 

Elaine Stock's 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Recap, Recoup, Release

Since our book release on September 6th we have been all over the internet. Just in case you want a place to find all those links easy-peasy, I've got one right here! 

Meet Gladys and Gertrude, my writing companions! Michelle and Ada will appear on the 23rd and big reveal with a drumbeat please, in October our book will be the focus and again in January Daisy and Daffodil the crazy hedgehogs will be in the spotlight!

Getting to know me, and Getting to know Michelle much to Zula's annoyance because #OutoftheFryingPan should be all about her. 

Another all about me and story backgrounds

All about my dark season of insecurity almost derailing Out of the Frying Pan. (one more day to enter that drawing!!!!)

My surrender story. 

Background and Building Blocks - Out of the Frying Pan

Zula's Recipes!!!

Reclaiming your peace from chaotic clutter 

All about Zula and Fern 

Trish Perry   (free giveaway still kicking!!! Hurry!) 

Rel Mollet (Free giveaway still ticking down...tick, tock, tick) 

I'm headed up north for a book signing. My first. Woot! Woot! Where we will serve some of Zula's recipes. And we will do a phone interview while we are together too. I will definitely be sharing bits and pieces about both of those events!!!! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Who Won? Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner...w/o chicken please.

Go to Michelle's Blog to see the winners or the drawing for the autographed copies of Out of the Frying Pan!

And if your name is not on the winner list. Well, here you go!!!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Out of the Frying Pan by Michelle Griep

Out of the Frying Pan

by Michelle Griep

Giveaway ends September 30, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter Giveaway

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ And There's More....

Trish Perry is hosting us today.

And this is another chance to grab a free copy.  Plus I got to cast the movie and add some sound track, so that was fun. 

Here is what happened yesterday. I bought and held my literal first copy of my book. It was suggested I provide an office copy for the girls to read. So that's where it went. It's going to be interesting to get their feedback. 

One of my daughter's friends who has become one of my friends posted the cutest picture of her holding a kindle with my book on it and saying her day off was going to be spent with me! Okay, maybe third cutest cuz the other two were my babies! Ya know!

My brother shouted out that he had downloaded a copy and his wife's aunt said she didn't want to read it on the computer so he posted the link to the paper back. And a blogger tweeted that I had come up with the most clever blog guest Retweet ever. 
  1. You win the award for most blog guest clever RT ever 😀
  2. 4 hours ago
     and  liked your Tweet
    Is an edit by a lot like walking the plank? Find out and try for a copy of OOTFP

Monday, September 19, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Hornswoggle Away!

Get a chance to hornswoggle a copy here and here!!!! 

Serials and Scenarios ~ Another Day, Another Blog Tour!

Goodness. Things will slow down a little. I had four right on top of each other. 

Stitches Thru Time asked for an article so I provided a foodie bent one. Zula is claiming the recipes as hers and that's just fine and dandy. 

Highlights of the weekend bookwise? 

Finding out we were in the Top 100 Amazon inspirational e-books. Now, I don't want to brag but being number 28 and currently beating TWO of Karen Kingsbury's books is pretty exciting for me...

Getting a copy in the mail, finally. So I was able to hold my book. 

My cute baby grandson holding the kindle version!!! 

First autograph!! Autographing my mom's copy. That seems only right since a) birthed me b) supported the crap outta me in my early writing years! 

Getting a "YOU DID IT" proud of you card from my brother and his lovely family!

Having a friend order her copy on her phone right in front of me after church and teasing me about being famous the whole time. 

Highlights of the weekend? Family dinner last night! I love my famtastics!!!! Laughter is the song of my people and it does a soul good! 

Electrical being placed in my new bedroom. All rooms but my current bedroom's content moved to my current bedroom and I have plenty of room to walk. That's huge. We had three bedrooms full of stuff. Now it's manageable and most of it has places to go in our new "Wing" I'm going to call our section of the house the Lower East Wing. LEW for short. Ha. Ha. Ha. And we purchased the flooring and the new windows and a bit of drywall was nailed into place. Reconfiguring a doorway so that other things can happen. Hopefully cleaning a two-story house for next to the last time. I now will be fully responsible for three rooms and halfway responsible for two. I LIKE IT! 

Giving tours of LEW. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Saturday Shock and Surrender!

Shock! A post on a Saturday? 

I told you I'd be a posting like a beast. 

I got real vulnerable with two bloggers on my #OutoftheFryingPan blog tour. 

Here is the cleaned up, but still pretty raw story of surrendering my marriage to God's plan. I don't know if you'll need tissue but you might. I was a stubborn woman and God is a good, good God!

And then I shared my season of doubt, insecurities, and basically poo-poo crybaby pity party during the writing of Out of the Frying Pan! 

There is still a chance to win a copy of #OutoftheFryingPan.