Monday, January 30, 2012

Scraps and Snippets ~ More in My Repetoire...

Thanks to Groupon or Living Social or whatever site I purchased from, I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for not quite 1/2 price. The bad news was that it didn't come before Christmas. The good news: it became mine.

I bought at Barnes and Noble online so I got free shipping and some good deals (spent $11 more than the card, but overall, win. win. win I got three cookbooks for $26 total.)

I bought:

I made two recipes in Vegan on the Cheap. I think I'm going to really like it. She has a recipe for Vegan Pot Roast (Seitan) with potatoes, veggies etc. Pretty tasty. Not exactly roast beef like in texture or flavor but close enough. I may have to add a little something-something next time around. Celery would help, which I didn't have. I also made her pie crust and made little bittie chicken pot pies with it (my recipe, not hers). I'll post that recipe soon. So. Two recipes that are keepers with a touch of tweaking, out of two recipes. 
I've thumbed through the other two and think I'll find some keepers there, too. Time will tell. I'm thinking quick-fix could be just the ticket some night.