Thursday, May 08, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Picture Paints a Whole Lot of Words.

Kansas City restaurant outside wall. Don't know what it's called but every time we've gone to Cafe Gratitude this little happy tot greets us. How can it not be great? She thinks it is. 

Sad Sushi. Ha Ha. My friend Lindsey snapped a picture of this guy before she snarfed him down. It shouldn't make me happy but it does. Sad Sushi. Ha Ha. 
Uhhhh. Not sure what this horrible contraption is. We saw it at an antique store and paused just long enough to take a picture. The string? Dental floss. "Hey kid, floss your teeth or I'll haunt your dreams!" Maybe the purpose was to tie the string on a loose tooth and throw the cast iron clown head over the railing thus removing the tooth. (Again, dream haunting for those who disobeyed.) The purpose can't be sweet, whimsical or happy. Right? Shudder.