Friday, September 29, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Traffic Poem and Life Tip

Thank you, anonymous, for the lovely poem on Wednesday. Feel free, all you other anonymousi, to leave a thought, poem, or life tip.

Have a great weekend - and drive carefully. : )

Ode to Bad Drivers Everywhere.

Nice wave!
Put your finger down.
I was right and you were wrong.
Read the signs or look around
Or can’t you see past your mascara wand?

Hurtling highways breeds discontent
And mating season seems imminent
At least with you glued to my tail

If I wasn’t so patient, I might yell
Okay, I do, but you can’t tell
Since your attention’s focused

Hey, ET, let’s not phone home
At least while dancing, weaving, speeding
On my road.

Nice helmet.
Melons break on impact though.

Superhero dreams.
Ignorance’s bliss.
Sign up for a reality class.

Aggression pumps
Like poisoned swill

Insanity eeks like sighs
From lips clenched tight

Sometimes the only
Restraint I show
Is because my bumper
Sports a Christian fish.

Life tip for the day:
When speaking on the cell phone, upon entering a public restroom -- don’t.
When nature calls, say, “hold on a minute”, and click over.
In plain English…it’s just gross to talk on the phone while toilets flush in the background.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Violet Dawn

Violet Dawn….just when you thought it was safe to go….oops…wrong tag line, but it might work...

The Amazon link for the book Violet Dawn:
I just posted a review which may not appear until tomorrow, so you just might have to go back : ).

Here’s my CBD (Christian Book Distributors) review….
Kelly Klepfer from Council Bluffs, Iowa ( Reviewed on May 17, 2006 )
Product Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Comments: "Brandilyn Collins has done it again. This time she has managed to blend the richness of character driven fiction with clench your teeth suspense. Violet Dawn, though creepy in several spots, is less black and white graphic than her Hidden Faces series. Brandilyn has woven a town that I’d like to visit someday. It’s a shame that there’s a rotten murderer skulking around on the main strip.
The fast pace, most of the events take place within a twenty-four hour period, of the novel makes it a quick and compelling read. I only set it down when my tired eyes refused to focus. I’m looking forward to book two in the series. "

There are more at…..

If you think the story is appealing thus far, head on over to the virtual blog for the fictional Kanner Lake characters musings; where hilarious, amusing, and even touching slices of life in the fictional town are captured by several talented writers.

Brandilyn is an excellent teacher and has much great stuff on her blog. She’s also funny…a definite plus in my book. Brandilyn's blogsite:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Had a Nice Trip - Literally

I’m peeking out of the mound of paper piled upon my desk while I was gone.

A quick little list of what I learned on my trip follows.

Tomorrow brings a book review and info, and Friday will feature a requested poem about traffic. Start thinking about a traffic poem you can leave in the comment section. I’d love to see yours.

What I learned in Dallas…and Minneapolis

Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors sometimes have very vivid dreams at 5:00 a.m.

Waking to screaming/moaning at 5:00 a.m. pretty much guarantees you’re up for the day.

Michelle and I have a fan and, unless she changes her contact information to avoid us, she’ll buy our book someday.

If I eat or drink ANYTHING I will spill it.

Large starched linen dinner napkins make for great coverage, but cool points are forfeited.

Scanning the room for people you’d like to impress is a good idea before saying or doing something really stupid.

Texas revolving doors are tricky.

Chef hand-puppets are wonderful icebreakers though not so much where editors are concerned.

Comedy writing and hysterical laughter don’t always make for pleasant companions. Sometimes hysterical laughter is just a distraction especially when it’s focused on flying mints.

Klutziness is contagious.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Animals with Attitude, Road Kill and an Interesting Book

Apparently a whole bunch of people read yesterday’s post, because I didn’t encounter one bad driver today. And boy did some of you have ugly driver stories. Carry-on, be brave, fight for right, friends. (of course, pun intended)

See, it is true; one person can make a difference.

Today’s traffic report’s focus: unique road-kill.

It’s not unusual to encounter several corpses along the road side in Iowa. Usually a Picassoed raccoon or two, maybe a bloated deer carcass, and occasionally a pet -- which is heartbreaking.

Many squirrels dot the highways and byways, which aren’t (legal disclaimer – unless they are black squirrels which are protected by law, then it’s a tragedy) exactly cause for mourning.

Traveling less than three miles this morning, I spied two decimated boxes.
Less gore, but still chilling.

Speaking of black squirrels, I witnessed a woman harassing one on Sunday. Harassment of black squirrels is illegal in my neck of the woods. And I suspect this has gone to the heads of the black squirrels. They have some sort of entitlement complex going on. The poor brown squirrels deserve our pity. They’ve become sad little squirrel serfs.

My friend simply tried to fling her Frisbee into the golf hole. The squirrel held his ground and shot her “the” eye. He moved when I wound up for a fling. He may have noticed the car count I’d amassed. (Three, in case you are curious, plus one that sailed under the car without touching it.) Though, since my friend almost nailed me once, the squirrel should have maybe been a little more cautious around her, unless the squirrel was one of the edgy ones, the type seeking the thrill of adventure, a furry little adrenaline junky.

Sad when squirrels develop that attitude. Now that I think about it…maybe it was distracted. No, he wasn’t on a cell-phone but he was carrying a nut.

I’m leaving on a jet plane. I’ll be back again. Famous and moving lyrics to simply tell you I’ll see you next Wednesday. Unless I can “borrow” some sweet laptop and wi-fi in Dallas, then maybe I’ll see you sooner.

While you wait, you can check out this set of links announcing a brand new book release. Once again, I know nothing (about the book, silly kids!). The summary on Amazon looks like it won’t be a light read, but it sounds gripping and powerful. I know God can do miracles with messes, He has in my life.

Something That Lasts:

James David Jordan's website:

Monday, September 18, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Driving Pet Peeve

I interrupt this normally scheduled program to bring you a Monday whine.

I do realize there is no normal schedule, by the way.


Did I miss some highly touted change in legal driving moves? Because apparently I’m the only one who didn’t get the memo that right hand turn right-away has been dropped and that anything goes.

Three times this morning I attempted to turn right while some aggressive, impatient left hand turner decided we could share the road.

Not a problem if I had psychic abilities, or even the ability to read body language really well. Big problem if I need to immediately get into the left hand lane and they need to go right.

Not much better is the gunner who will wait, but is going to make sure there is less than three inch clearance between my back and their front bumpers.

Of course, it’s really hard to judge which ones are going to try to beat me, simultaneously waltz with me, or wait with an edge.

And really, in the desire to drive defensively, don’t we assume that when someone guns it and heads straight toward us that they intend to follow through come high-water or crushed metal? I do.

I’ve been in a few accidents, and they are fairly low on fun and high on inconvenience. So when a super aggressive vehicle shoots out into the intersection, I stop, then we both wait until one of us makes a move. Hmmm. Why not patiently wait until it’s your turn, you might actually get there quicker. I’ve shared the next red light with a lot of aggressive drivers who made it there before me.

It doesn’t help when the other driver is obviously otherwise occupied – do they see me? Or if they are attempting to impress someone else with their hormonally souped-up skills.

Just for the record. I googled driving rules, and I found out that left turners are supposed to wait for a break in traffic flow with a solid green light. Or they get their own little green arrow, and they can wait for it.

And if you can’t deal with that little rule of the road – could you at least avoid tangling with green minivans?

Any pet peeves you need to vent? You know what to do.....

Friday, September 15, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - New Book Info - Squat

Every once and awhile I'll be posting information about new book releases. Some of which I've read, and in that case I'll pepper you with my impressions.

I have not read Squat so I can't give you my opinions on the book, but this statement is posted on the Squat website: "All author proceeds from Squat will go to Graffiti Community Ministries, Inc., a service arm of the East Seventh Street Baptist Church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where Field preaches."

I'm impressed with the obvious love Mr. Field has for the people of Manhattan.

Do a little investigation, click the links. And have a great weekend!


Amazon Page:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Things I’ve learned recently…Along the Lines of Murphy’s Law…Pollyanna-ized.

It is best not to panic when you arrive at a family reunion and see people dressed in Medieval garb jousting with plastic swords while riding horses. Just keep going, chances are the Fam is a little further down the road.

Some people attend family reunions in a limo. If you encounter this situation, avoid eye contact with any chauffer who might be wearing a circa 1930’s gangster style fedora. However, if said shirt-tail relative happens to read this, and would like to share the wealth, feel free to get in touch with me. I was the really nice, smiley person who attracted all the sweetly singing birds and giggling children.

High school dances are slightly different than they were a few years ago. However, if you happen to be an adult of a more mature nature and you have the opportunity to bring a date to a high school dance, go for it. And all the teens, as well as the dance contest judges in their middle years will think it’s adorable should you choose to dance. And even mature adults who use a cane and sport white hair can dance to today’s musical stylings. Who knew one could waltz to rap?

When wandering the halls of a hospital (my day job necessitates I do this – so don’t be alarmed, I am NOT posting from the psych unit. No need for sympathy or get well cards, unless they contain money, then knock yourself out.) Oops. I digressed. If you notice a woman dressed in white scrubs, walking an empty IV pole, sometimes it’s best to just keep your comments to yourself. Not everyone gets certain attempts at humor.

Flooring installed in a bedroom and bathroom is as exciting as a closet…Trust me.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Color Musings - The Poem

Color Musings – by Kelly Klepfer

Blue skies, so they say
Periwinkle, baby, robin egg
I wouldn’t know…
Been stuck inside all day.

Burnt Sienna draped
1970’s furniture
Legal documents posted
Over dirty eggshell walls.

Coffee sludge lines my mug
Afternoon slump begs
For orange, yellow, red
Anything bright to clear my head.

Silver clock beckons me.
Is it really after three?

I’m outta here.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Color My World - Mary DeMuth

Mary really sums up color week nicely. Methinks I couldn't have created a better, more appropriate quote.

Mary, the fact that you are on my wavelength should frighten you. Or did you just want to save the world from another poem?

For the record...I still feel a poem coming on.

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day? Bad day? Which one do you aspire to be?

"Good day: periwinkle. I just love that color. It's the color of the sky in France. Bad day: plain old black because that reflects my mood. I want to be sunshine yellow."

I don't know about the rest of you, but French periwinkle skies are tempting. Especially if one could score a cute compact car in a sunny shade of yellow.

Mary has a new release ... check out her links ... click on her link below and you can read her first chapter.

God says I love you in many ways, some of which are hard to hear

Maranatha needs to hear God’s voice. At seventeen, Natha admittedly has some trust issues. Though the abuse by a neighbor boy has stopped, Natha is anything but healed. Now her best friend has left for college, the trials of dating have begun, and God, ever since he spoke to her underneath the pecan tree years ago, has remained elusive. So when brash Georgeanne Peach blows in to take over the only place that’s ever felt like home, leaving a trail of peach fabric swatches and cloying perfume, it’s easy to understand how something like a little ol’ tornado might not be a big deal. Like every teenager, Natha tries to sort out the confusing layers of love—of friends, of family, of suitors, and, desperately, of God. Natha struggles to find herself before she gives in to the shadow of a girl she used to be in this moving follow-up to the critically praised Watching the Tree Limbs. (This is the first chapter of the book!)

Mary E. DeMuth
Christ Follower. Novelist. Freelance Writer.
Author: Building the Christian Family You Never Had
Watching the Tree Limbs
Wishing on Dandelions

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Color My World - Deb Raney

Deb Raney checks in with her crayon thoughts.

In case you've read Deb's books, or have seen her picture and think she must be a sweetie, you would be correct.

And, well, what can I say...Deb and I think alike...kind least where Periwinkle is concerned. I am concerned that Deb, so bubbly and sweet, didn't mention yellow. But I'm holding out hope.

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day? Bad day? Which one do you aspire to be?

"Periwinkle blue on a good day. LOVE that color! It just makes me happy! I honestly don't have very many bad days, but I suppose I'd choose orange for a bad day. Something about that color stirs me up, so might as well get good and stirred up if I'm already mad."

And Deb would like to share the following, too:

"My newest book to release is the updated and expanded A Vow to Cherish (Steeple Hill, July 2006). We’re celebrating the ten-year anniversary of my first novel’s first release. I’m excited about this book finding an audience with a whole new generation of married couples. Coming next: Remember to Forget (Howard/Simon & Schuster January 2007). Send me an e-mail me at for a copy of my brand new Autumn e-newsletter with a sneak peek at the cover of Remember to Forget. As always, I’d love to have you drop by"

More from Me:

A Vow to Cherish became a movie. A friend of mine went forward and gave his life to God after seeing it. It's a powerful story.

Another aside -- housekeeping if you will -- a friend and faithful blog reader/critic gave me a book of Jewel's poems for inspiration.

Expect more poetry. Feel free to comment with one of your own.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Color My World - Gina Holmes

Gina.... you're up....

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day? Bad day? Which one do you aspire to be?

Good day Blue. Peaceful. Even.
Bad day: Red. Irritable and quick tempered.

Gina Holmes runs the popular fiction writer's blog, Novel Journey and assists with sister site, Novel Reviews. She has interviewed many of today's greatest authors from Ted Dekker to Karen Kingsbury to Walter Wangerin Jr. She is wife, mother, writer, blogger and Registered Nurse. She is currently working on her third suspense novel.

So, red is good for Kathy and bad for Gina - and they both write supernatural thrills and chillers. Gina must love Periwinkle, too. So far no one likes yellow. Hey guys, yellow is the color of sunshine and daffodils and baby ducklings.

We'll see what'll come up with the other posts.

Don't make me write a poem about yellow!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Color My World - Kathryn Mackel

I promised you some color this week.

I asked a few authors for their thoughts on crayons.

I think there must be some sort of psychology behind crayon choice. I personally love Periwinkle - though it peaks as a crayon.
Bright Yellow has to be the Kelly crayon. It's the one I use to bring sunshine and daisies into my little world. The color of Pollyanna.
On the flip side. Burnt Sienna. My apologies to any Burnt Sienna fans, but not only do I hate the color, it's got a gritty and scratchy texture, too. Give me smooth, sunny yellow. Oooh, I think I may feel a poem coming on. I'll have to see if I can muster one for the grande finale close to color week.

First up is Kathryn Mackel - I asked - she answered.

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day? Bad day? Which one do you aspire to be?

Red. Always red, which I see as the color of passion and life. On a bad day I’m brown. Kicking at the dirt. Which one do I aspire to be? A more vibrant red, of course. One that’s bold but not brassy.

Good answer, Kathy. I like red, too. (And I'm pretty sure she won't get offended over my Burnt Sienna rant.) Visit her at and see a sample of her writing here