Friday, January 18, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Keys !!!!

How many hours of my life have I invested in key hunts?

I don't actually want to know.

Tonight, after retracing my steps no less than three full times with lots of detours for "what-if" scenarios, I broke down and called the store I had visited an hour earlier.

My keys had been found in the parking lot.

How they ended up in the parking lot is a mystery. I could picture them stuck in the door (it's happened to more than one member in my household), on the back of the toilet, turned into puppy toys, even chilling in the refrigerator before I'd guess they actually fell out of my pocket and into a snowy parking lot.

Our youngest daughter got us clapper key chains for Christmas a few years ago. They went off with laughter, loud conversation and when the phone rang. Nice idea.

But not so practical.

How about a body/key buddy-snap? A surgically attached snap that connects owners to key chain.

Double duty -- cool piercing with serious time saving smarts -- win-win.

Hey, if anyone invents it can I suggest a name?
Snap! (said with attitude.)

Okay. Okay. What do you expect an hour and a half past my bedtime?