Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Vegas Visual Highlights

Here are some pictures representing the fun sights and moments in Vegas.  And I'm guessing these are safe to share (ya know the whole what happens...stays) since TSA did not confiscate my phone.
Our hotel, the MGM Signature, which has great rooms, btw, also sports a Dr. Seuss tree in the lobby. Totally, totally loved it and clearly took a picture, or six.
Our elevator...oh, the stories I could tell, also had an Elf-worthy panel. (If you've not seen the movie Elf, don't try to figure it out, if you have, let's just say there was a slightly less mature person on board who may or may not have lit up a few extra floors, Buddy style.)
Our view included a huge mirrored building that made for some fun with reflections. I'm so weird. I know. But it made me happy to see lights and other buildings reflected back at me.
The  Wynn casino (VEGAN YUM, we visited just because it has eight restaurants all with a Vegan menu. We chose the country club steakhouse and absolutely loved it.... we were too full to lick our plates but we woulda...bonus...our waiter was sarcastic.) but I digress as usual. The Wynn had a fairyland garden right in the middle of it with inlaid flowers on the tile floor and twinkle lights wrapped around the trees and huge polka dots covered in flowers, oh, and curtain with polka dot fringe. Happy indeed.