Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Serials and Scenarios ~ House of Wolves ~ Bronleewe

First never know where you might end up once you begin to read.

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My Review:

House of Wolves is an entertaining sophomore offering from Matt Bronleewe starring August Adams who may be one of the more charming anti-heroes to appear in fiction in a long time. Fascinating facts are written into amazing stories involving death, secrets and believe it or not, fun humor. This series really deserves to see the big screen. Feeling very much like Indy and National Treasure, House of Wolves takes the reader along for a thrill ride as August attempts to save the world (only because he has to). Big Honken Chickens may not like the smattering of violence. However, the humor manages to ease the drama a bit. I love the family interaction between August, Charlie, Grandpa and April. I hope Bronleewe is hard at work on the next chapter of the Adams' lives. I can't wait to read it.