Friday, April 27, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Potlucks and Possum ~

a clown suit for sale at a garage sale. very tempting....

Citizen's Police Academy - coming soon - keep tuned in. The topic was DUIs and drug doggies.

But while you're's some background noise.

AKA (also known as) Interesting happenings of late.

Back in the day people used to ask me what I'd made at a potluck. This was because they WANTED to eat it. Now. Since we've gone all weird and "healthy" or "hippie," I sometimes get that question with lit up eyes and eager runs for the dish. But. I also get it, mostly, because there are those who want to avoid what I've slaved over.

I won't lose sleep over this. Because, what we bring home, we'll eat. However, it does make me want to try harder to get my hippie stuff onto the plates and shoveled into the mouths of the sarcastic. Just sayin.

Yesterday I threatened to break the toe of my sarcastic child who sat on the couch with me. She harassed me, she deserved it. The only thing that saved her was quick response to hit Control Z when I deleted something while I was diving for her toe. The life she saved was her own.

Speaking of lives. In Iowa I see lots of wildlife on my way to and from work. Yesterday morning I truly saw an amazing sight. I'm assuming that you all know what a possum is...and that they have a sweet trick.  If not, here's some possum facts for you.

Anyhoo. I saw an Oscar award winning performance by a possum bright and early, a little too bright and early for a nocturnal animal. But this little bugger was professional and he had his trick down. He didn't twitch, even as cars drove past him. He just laid there, obviously having taken some acting classes. He even had props. Not sure how he got those guts arranged so artfully. Funny thing, he was still working on it on my way home from work. Playing dead. Who'd have thought that would be so fascinating.