Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Paying Attention to the Big Picture...

Fascinating what you find on Pinterest. There are words of wisdom. And words I don't quite know how to classify. Some words are accompanied by male movie stars whispering sweet statements of love and adoration about certain Pinterest ladies, their favorite products or their skills in the craft room.

I've got a board that is for pins that make me smile. Not many make my smile board and I read one the other day that just plain annoyed me.

Case in point, I ran across a musician's quote... and here is my paraphrase...if your life is boring and unfulfilling because you were dumb enough to listen to your mother or father or religious leaders or teachers, you get what you deserve...

So I'd like to say in response. "If you live your life based on the "wisdom" of celebrities without paying attention to their example, you may end up with a life full of something way worse than boredom."

But that's not real quippy and I don't have a glossy picture of something exciting to go along with it.

So instead, I'm posting a picture of my mom and me and one of & and me. 

And I'll just put it out there. I'm glad I listened (most of the time) to my mom and dad and my religious leaders and teachers. 

Most of those folks aren't perfect, some may have had an agenda, some may have been wrong. 

But my regrets are few and most of my mistakes were committed while I was stone cold sober so I have actually been able to pick up a lesson or two on the way.

But, hey, I'm boring. 

And for the most part I'm pretty happy about that.