Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Last Snow Man Standing...

It was a balmy 62 degrees when I left work yesterday. Which means spring is really, really, for reals eventually coming. 

The past couple days have been so nice. On Sunday Toad-Boy and I took the kids and the pups to the park. We found a shady area that still had a significant amount of snow. And since the snowy day they came over and tried to build a snowman was a fail, I suggested they could get one last chance to build one. (Why was it a fail? Well after the snowball "fight" with killer-arm-girl and dazed-bruised-temple-GMA, we tried to get the snow to stick together but it was too grainy. Then everyones' noses starting spurting green slime and whining erupted.) But apparently they had gotten over the past failure because the two oldest built teeny, tiny snowmen. Super cute.