Friday, September 30, 2011

Scraps and Snippets ~ Daily Bread, and Chocolate and Farm Thoughts

Insanity comes in many forms. 

One of those might be writing a blog post at a wee late hour when I should be chasing sheep. But. I gotta make hay while the sun shines. Or the moon shines. Or...

I digress. 

Speaking of sheep and moons. The farm day was actually kind of a sad one. Oh. The weather was amazing. The kind where you roll down the car windows and suck all the scents into your nostrils with gusto. Where the wind blows through your hair so you arrive at your destination looking a little like Harpo Marx (or a clown should you need help with that visual.) (Actually. That might be just me this happens to.)

So after a perfect drive in weather that was perfect, I arrived to a pack that was full of glorious veggie bounty and quick to boot. Why was it sad? Because it was officially the last day.

Because of the hail, the farmers are going to keep it going. But, our official duties have come to an end. But the invitation was extended for us to come same time, same place as often as we want to. And I think we have to, the farm has gotten under my skin, and completely so, like the dirt works it way into my fingernails (and toenails.)

Tonight ^, Mrs. Toad-Boy and I took an Artisan Bread making Class at the local college. We each took bags of freshly baked bread home. Ahhh. The car smelled heavenly. Not sure how they taste. ^ and I were not even tempted to taste as we were full from gorging on a new recipe my sweet tooth required me to make today. I'm giving you the link. (Scroll down for the version I made.)

Think before you freak. This stuff is delicious. Now I know. Some of what I make and call delish isn't something you are going to be making any time soon. Or even become tempted to try. But. If you have a sweet tooth but want something slightly better for you than most of the crud out there....well, you could do far worse.

(What I did different. I made the batch of chocolate chip (about halfway down the page, highlighted and clickable). I added a total of 2 TBSP almond milk, 3 TBSP of oats, and blended very well. I also added half of the chocolate chips and blended those, too. Then I took half the batter and put them in half a bowl and sprinkled the rest of the choc chips on top. To the mixture in the food processor, I added 1 TBSP of cocoa powder. Then blended it up and spooned it into the bowl next to the choc. chip version. It thickened up decently. Especially the chocolate one. Oh my it's good. )