Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Squeak Update....

I've now been taught the four strings of my violin and finger placements for a total of 16 notes. 

I "know" how to slur, tie, and create a staccato effect (actually this was pretty easy for me because that's how I played until he drove the constant bow concept into my brain. Staccato is a teeny pause between each note. Since I instinctively staccato through life, my teacher was able to gloss over this technique..."play like you did before I told you to STOP stopping between notes" 

This hornpipe hornswoggle of a piece was something he tossed down with a flourish and a snarky smile. "Work on this this week." My heart threw some palpitations. For starters it's a half page of music with a repeat every two lines. And secondly, the brand new notes are mixed in. He even had me play it (attempt - NOT PRETTY) within seconds of giving it to me. I kept getting lost and finally told him that the little black dots were confusing me. (He pretended to be unamused. I so love my teacher's personality!) He also gave me some life advice. I kind of whined (imagine that) that when I had to play for him, it kinda harshed my mellow. He asked me where I'd heard that phrase and I told him it was from a show I watched and that I wanted to use it frequently for amusement purposes. He suggested I be careful where I used it so people didn't think I was a stoner. Word!