Friday, June 25, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Of Barking Dogs

Sometimes I wish people were as easy to figure out as canines.

Canines are so out there.

Example. 23 is dog-sitting a little black Pomeranian. Now. This little guy is cute...looks a little like a bow-legged bat, actually. And he's sweet. He'll come out of nowhere to curl up next to me and maybe give some exposed skin a little lick. Cute.

However, he does bark. And I mean bark. As little as he is you'd think it would be a tiny bark. Oh no. It is NOT. It is intense. And it sounds often. Rob has been going in and out of the house frequently while working on a project. Every time the door opens and closes our little temporary burglar system sounds. But that's beside the point.

Last night we went on a group walk. 4 dogs, a toddler and 7 women. Lily decided that she was going to dominate poor, timid Riley who is exactly her size. 23 had to make sure she watched Lily's body language so Riley could have a good time.

But that's what I love about dogs. Their body language tells the truth. If something has happened while we are gone, something that might make a human unhappy, we will not be greeted at the door. When they are happy to see us, we know it, our calves and shins are bruised by their happiness. When they don't feel well, well, it's written all over their faces. And when they have an issue with someone or something, they let that ring loud and clear. Fear? Broadcast for the world to hear.

Humans are just so much more involved. Maybe that's why dogs are man's best friend. You never have to play games. Okay, beyond the tug of war, fetch and chase the dog.