Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Waving

My favorite matter how brightly the sun shines or how dry the skies are...involve waves.

When we've been to the ocean, I've not curled up on the beach with a book to catch rays, or loved the excursions into cute shops as much as I've longed to wander the beach.

The wet sand squishing between my toes and my footprints trailing behind me, marking where I've been, intersected by shore birds -- ahhh -- just thinking about it relaxes me and I can almost hear the surf pounding... No, that's actually my computer fan.

But the lake does the same thing to my soul. Even though I prefer the sand between my toes (okay, I won't EVEN walk through seaweed or water green enough I can't see what lurks beneath -- I'm trying to make a point here. ) and the expanse of monochromatic greys to blue, I am content with the deep green of the lake.

I've decided it's the waves and the expansiveness of the body of water that do it for me.

I think they remind me of God. Maybe even my future with Him. He talks about oceans, quite a bit, actually. And a vast field of untameable, tumultous, full-of-life-water reminds me of how very tiny I am.

I'm okay with that. I can be tiny when my Creator is so huge that He created the seas, and set boundaries for them, and buries my sins in their depths. Yeah, I'm really okay with that.