Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Swing, Batter, Swing! Part 2

So there I stood faced with a dilemma. Kind of like the angel/devil shoulder depictions we’ve all seen. I had a very persuasive friend on one side of me and simple common sense on the other.

The friend’s volume intensified with each chant of, “Come on. Do it. It’s fun!”

Common Sense whispered. “Remember dear, you just finished gymnastics in Physical Education class, and you haven’t mastered any of the skills. Your somersaults are crooked. Don’t even think about doing this crazy stunt.” Her voice sounded a lot like a mix between my mom, grandma, and all my female Sunday school teachers past and present. Had I looked over at the bleachers all the women would have sensed my dilemma and stood in a pre-popular wave like formation and gravely moved their heads from side to side. But I didn’t look.

Nor did I listen.

The slide had grown while I debated my fate. It was at least two stories high now. I began to climb. Clang. Clang. For whom does the death bell toll? It tolls for me…. Clang. Clang. I paused at the top. From there my cousin and grandparents were tiny, colorful ants. I sat, and the sun heated metal melded to my body.

My “friend” shielded her eyes and squinted up at me. “Go on. It’s really cool.”

I shook my head. “I do crooked somersaults. I’m going to kill myself.”

Well, maybe I had listened to Common Sense.

Another squint from the devil down below and, “just hold on to the sides. It’s going to be really fun.”

The grass looked pretty soft, actually. And if I held on, I’d be fine. I took a deep breath and prepared to have a blast.

To Be Continued …. Again…..If you are really concerned take peace in the fact that I am telling the story so I obviously survived…….