Thursday, March 15, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - The Reliance

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After reading “The Reliance” I’m certain I don’t want to encounter a pirate. My senses aren’t up for it. I cringe when a hero and heroine passionately kiss the first thing in the morning -- morning breath – ewww. The pirates in “The Reliance” exercised my gag reflex big time. Though I still love the sea, I think I may pass on any rides offered by scruffy men, nor will I consider grog as an interesting alternative to tea.

I’ve seen Johnny Depp’s pirate crew. I knew what I might find between the pages of a novel about pirates. MaryLu Tyndall has created a group of men so repugnant that they rival the big screen version. However, there are a few good men and a very good God who give us heroes to cheer along with the scoundrel induced shudders.

Without reading the first in the series – “The Redemption” – I picked up “The Reliance” and enjoyed an uplifting story full of adventure, love, sights and smells. I even got a little annoyed when I couldn’t finish it with only three chapters to go. I could read so much more if only I didn’t need to sleep. Sigh.

I’d suggest picking up “The Redemption” since it tells the beginning of the story of Charlisse and Merrick. Then move on to “The Reliance” but only if you are looking for an action filled love story with some very sensory scenes. There is an unfinished story or two that need to be told so expect yet another upcoming tale.

Come back tomorrow for MaryLu’s interview. If you think “The Reliance” is a book you’d like to read, then you are going to want to see some of her answers. I’ve added a few new questions to the Dreg’s Pick and Choose List-O-Questions. Mary Lu did not disappoint.