Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Twists of Tongue and Tweak of Mind

You never know what you might find....

You know how I lapse into bizarre poetry at times? 

Well, I don't very often, fortunately. But you need to see how I come by this naturally. 

These are extra special snippets from the family Easter dinner email discussion. No names will be used to protect the innocent...of which are few...very few. 


To set a time to meet would be quite a feat ---- night, noon, or morning as long as there is warning.  Where we go, just let me know.  Of course we'll meet the vegan wishes for some plant-based dishes

Egad, egad, no prose is had--
I cannot rhyme for lack of time--
So I shall bring some veggie thing,
Like peppers milled & onions grilled 
With mushrooms sliced & olives diced:
Random shopping, taco topping.
You may desist & shake your fist,
But dear Shakespeare has naught to fear.


Me, who eschews 
words of superflous
wonders what is left
that leaves the table bereft? 
Around 21 our number should be,
 which rules out a sit down As you can see.
  So, plan on buffet style, and casual attire
If you see a hole in the menu, then ready, aim, fire,
And fill it up to your heart’s content
A good time of fellowship is the intent.
A time to praise God for His magnificent ways
A time to thank Him for the Ancient of Days. 
(Gotta love the nice reason for the season plug! 
Impressive word wrangling, said with a smile and shrug. )