Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Slithery

only okay type of snake I've ever met.... See the size of the tiny leaf? 
 I'm pretty sure I've made my hate affair with snakes clear. 

I detest them, they creep me out and I pretty much freak out around them. 

Back in the day, though, when my kids were little I tried to tolerate the horrific reptiles. Toad-boy would find snakes pretty much everywhere. And he'd study them. I remember once discovering him jotting down notes on a dead snake he found at my parents. He began to pry it's mouth open. When I voiced my motherly concern he suggested that I not watch the experiment. 

Another time we went camping and he found a garter snake at a lake. He measured the writhing and very unhappy snake. So then I notice scratches all over his arms. What in the world I wondered out loud, Then the snake struck and grabbed his arm and he pulled it away leaving a new set of scratches. UGH!!!!! 

However, there were cute (I know, right?) little ringneck snakes that the kids would find on occasion. Little worm-sized gray things with an orange little stripe around the neck. The only issue I had with these little guys was the habit of the kids to bring them in the house and then lose them. 

So yesterday afternoon I spied a ringneck. I had to take a picture and send it for nostalgia's sake. And I told the kids I was tempted to bring it inside and let it lose for old time's sake.