Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Random Catch-Ups

Cookie Eater, but not the Cookie.

Whew. Busy weekend. Busy week. Busy day.
Temperature extremes. Yup. In Iowa we got it all, 50's to 90's.

Loads of family and friends are getting new roofs. (I feel like I should say rooves.)

Our final hail assessment will be in my work parking lot tomorrow morning. (That sounds weird, doesn't it? "Hey lady, pssst...over here.)

NOT the cookie fail. Just an attempt to remind myself I CAN make a good cookie.
Last night 24 (who will soon be renamed by herself because I can't keep using her age...) took week one of a four week Raw food class. Too cool. I learned some stuff...lots of stuff. Took two pages of notes. I will share some of the fun tidbits with you. For starters, I learned that the way you slice/cut/shred veggies and foods is a key to release flavors. This may be a duh moment. But I never thought of that. I just chop and toss. But the teacher said that you work with the food's textures and strengths. Wow. Revolutionary thought. I learned that you can sprout quinoa which is pretty exciting. Another use for that lovely little grain. Week three will give us sprouting techniques and suggestions. She also told us that we could get a mushroom kit and grow our own fresh portabellas for lower cost than we buy them at the grocery store. A good knife is magical and a tool that will last almost a lifetime. (I do NOT have a good knife.) Next week we will learning better knife techniques.

Sweet information that I kind of wish I knew earlier. Ha. Ha. Anyhoo. I'm going to get my money's worth out of the class. And will probably develop knife envy. Too late, I'm pretty sure I already have it.

Low point. Not for the dogs, but for me. I tweaked a cookie recipe (one without chocolate...maybe that was the problem.) that was kind of a fail. The dogs LOVE them. I mean really love them. They are doughy with a hint of sweet (the cookies, not the dogs.) Edible, but not tasty (again, cookie not dog). Unless you are a dog. If you are a dog you would smell them from across the room and harass the cookie holder until she gives you one. People? I think they subtly slide it under the table into the waiting mouth of a dog. But. I am determined to make a cookie that pleases man and beast. Just a little more tweaking. Or a lot more. We'll see.

And the farm looms. Glad it's not going to be 90 again. Hopefully I won't leave behind DNA or have to kill tomato demons. Report tomorrow.