Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Farm away from Farm Part 2

Yesterday I shared a bit about the grower's conference we attended. One of the experts is a tree guy who travels the world because of his knowledge of trees. With him he brought loads of pictures of places he's traveled. And the crops they grow. Golden wheat fields in Australia, corn fields in parts of Asia etc. Bottom line, exotic and different places with crops that look freakishly like our own heartland.

And then he shared some disturbing information. Disturbing because I really want to know what has touched my food. Disturbing because I think eating local saves so much wear and tear on the planet and makes for food that actually still retains taste and food value.

Shipping, exporting and importing of food is big business. If we don't eat local, we may be eating something grown in another part of the world and shipped to us. While this is pretty much necessary when talking about things like bananas, should it be when we are talking about apples? Do we not all live within 50 miles of an orchard?

He said that much of the fish that is caught in Norway is shipped to China for processing and then back to Norway before coming to the states. It's cheaper to ship it back and forth than to process it where it was caught. He said that China has a goal of supplying 40% of America's food by 2020. What? Yeah. China. He also said he is not surprised with some of the food issues and contamination problems as he has seen the quality and processing of crops first hand.

Like I said, disturbing.