Saturday, May 19, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Argh...Pirate Parenting....

Pirate Parenting.

Normally I interview Christian fiction authors.

But what do you do when you run into a pirate who just so happens to have co-authored a book on Pirate Parenting?

I guess it depends on where his hook is resting.

If you're like me and love to laugh, and you have a sick and twisted mind, you buy his book, read it, review it and ask a few questions.

You've got to have an edgy sense of humor to enjoy this book which may hang out a little closer to fiction than non-fiction - which is probably good.

My patient hubby smiled as I shared some great gems. He shook his head, but didn't make me stop quoting.

The "Me cat kittened in my mouth" Q and A ended up being worth the cost of admission - two Abes and a George (11 bucks). Several rewritten nursery rhymes, songs and other great stuff only increased my enjoyment. A check list at the end of each section forces me to give my stamp of approval.

A quick test to see if you'd appreciate Pirate Parenting.

Creative discipline techniques are your forte. T or F.

You have a child who once cried because you called another child "geek" and forgot to toss him a "term of endearment." T or F.

Pirate talk amuses you. T or F.

You laugh when someone falls. T or F.

Wally from Dilbert is way funnier than Garfield. T or F

You often quote lines from Pink Panther movies i.e "Does your dig bite?" T or F

You laugh out loud at Dave Barry, Patrick McManus or
Dear Abby. T or F

If you can answer true to most of these, I believe you won't regret your $10.95 investment. Not only is it only slightly more expensive than the price of a movie, it's a very fast read.

Sure, you're not going to unbury a treasure of usable parenting tricks, but the imagination stimulation will almost make parenting fun. You don't actually have to serve them salt cod to appreciate the fact that you can tell them you are. Plank walking - arghh - who sez the plank has to be suspended over the ocean, matey?

If laughter is the best medicine, then I imagine that also applies to anti-anxiety meds. Think about it. The co-pay to the drugstore, or the opportunity to laugh your cares away?

Read Tim Bete's interview on Monday for further information and a bit of grog scented feed-back. If you are amused with his interview - I think you'll like the book. Check out his web page for some great endorsements.