Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Caught the Vision...Ha.Ha.

I got the giggles in church on Sunday. I know. So inappropriate. It was during the sermon, too. Thankfully, it was not during communion. Our pastor used a joke as an illustration. And, if you know me on any level you know I love me a good pratfall err etc., right?

The joke wasn't that hilarious, but the stinking visual was and I got to tee-heeing so hard I was crying. So. So inappropriate.

And I may have been the only one laughing. Here's the joke.
Picture is so unrelated. A family trip to Gatorland 11 years ago.

A guy in a Ferrari pulls up next to a guy on a moped at a red light. The moped fellow can't help himself and stares at the gleaming beauty next to him. Finally he taps on the window, waits for it to glide down and tells the Ferrari driver how sweet his ride is and asks. "What do you have under the hood?" 

The Ferrari stud smiles. "Let's race to the next light." Then he takes off, pedal to the medal and leaves the moped in his dust. The Ferrari is clipping right along when he notices a shadowy figure to his right. All of a sudden it's clear in his side mirror, that it's the moped. Shocked, the Ferrari guy watches the Moped shoot past his car and beat him to the light. The Ferrari purrs to a stop and he rolls his window down again. The moped driver is sweating buckets and looks a little gray. Mr. Ferrari says, "Dude, what do you have under the hood?" After a gulp Moped man says. "Nothing much, but I'm going to remove my suspender from your side mirror before the light turns green."

Lame right? Ha.Ha.Ha.