Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Lost Day

I woke up with an earache on Tuesday, which then progressed to a major sore throat. And by the time 11:00 rolled around I was freezing as clearly a fever took over. I'm pretty sure our 100 degree weather was climbing to reach that mark by the time I entered the oven of the outdoors, and it felt wonderful to my virus racked body. 26 hours later I felt human again. Not good, mind you, but human. 

I don't get sick very often, once a year, once every other year or so. But this one came on so fast and was so intense that I literally lost 26 hours of my life. I slept from noon to 7 am getting out of bed just to stagger to the bathroom, then I slept all morning finally waking and feeling like I could stay awake for awhile around 12:45. 

I cried because I couldn't go to the farm and one of the ladies sent some carrot apple juice for me, Three fruity popsicles, a bowl of fruit and that juice was all I ate/drank. And they tasted so good.

Here are some pictures I snapped in my delirium. This morning the tree outside my bedroom window was a beautiful thing. Leaves blowing against the bright blue sky, lit from behind by the golden sun. The bowl of fruit. Delicious. (We loaded up on fruit a week ago, & had seen on Pinterest that you can spray or dip fruit in a water vinegar mixture (10 parts water to one part vinegar) to make it last longer. Something about the vinegar slows the decay process. So she tried it and I'm pretty sure it made a huge difference because our fruit looks pretty good, the stuff we haven't eaten anyways.) I tried to take pictures of the dogs who were my special companions throughout my sleeping and stumbling about, but their blackness against the dark couch they are not supposed to be on didn't turn out.