Thursday, February 03, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Done With this Journey and What I Learned

Interestingly but not surprisingly, the six month Cut the Crapola journey ended up being 99% about the journey and 1% about the results.

That said. I was pretty arrogant to think I could just set out to "change" anything. Sometimes change is simply choosing the better option which moves us slowly in tiny, increments of growth, towards a very distant, long-term goal.

My goals were more nebulous and less defined than the 20 somethings. Even then, six months was not enough. Overall I will say I won't be running a 5K tomorrow but could walk one and run parts, exactly where I was six months ago. My body size has remained pretty much the same, but I think my heart grew a bit. I won't be playing violin at a concert anytime soon but I have slowly and deliberately taken time to reacquaint myself with an instrument I used to hate but now regret hating. My fingers and mind are reawakening to the idea of making music, someday, if I don't give up. My bank account acts as if it didn't know there had been a budget imposed on it. But less eating out has reminded us that what is prepared at home is actually better or at least as good as what is offered at restaurants.

I will be sharing the ten major things I took away from my Cut the Crapola fast over the next few weeks.