Thursday, November 15, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - More Pet Poetry

Why oh why is your tongue in my ear?
At two a.m.?
Why do you need me
When I'm walking down the stairs?
If I call you, you stare
As if I am mute.
Then you turn your back.
But while I sleep, or read
or eat. Or work or try to walk through a room
you bat or purr or meow or pose.
A better name for a cat -- a not? Or a won't?
Feral gave me some three a.m inspiration. I've changed times in the poem -- poetic license and all that.
Is Kim the only one with good holiday memories? I expect a few more. I'm working on mine. It will involve music perchance.
And tomorrow...James Scott Bell - you really won't want to miss his answers...