Friday, November 06, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ Holy Awesome Idea ~ Batman!

Tom's Shoes fans...check this out.

Released October 1, the new Waterproof Bible is available in the NIV and KJV translation and is 100% waterproof and dirt resistant - inside and out. The pages, made from thin sheets of plastic, make the Waterproof Bible ultra-durable and tear-resistant, allowing it to outlast most any competitor. The text can even be underlined with a ballpoint pen, or marked with a dry highlighter, and not smear after being submerged in water.

“We believe every consumer benefits from the increased lifespan and durability of the Waterproof Bible. However, we are especially passionate about getting this better designed Bible into the hands of those in developing countries, where the people often face harsh environments and living conditions. Through our
BOGO program, these third-world citizens will receive the same long-lasting product that our customers get, but for free,” said Bobby Bardin, co-developer of the Waterproof Bible.

For more details on the BOGO program and the Waterproof Bible, visit The first distribution partner will be The 410 Bridge, who will utilize the free Bibles in their Christmas in Kenya project. “It is interesting to think about giving Waterproof Bibles to churches in Kenya because Kenya could use so much more water. However we believe its long-lasting durability, and ability to wipe dirt and grime away, make the Waterproof Bible the best choice for the situation,” said Bardin.

Bardin & Marsee Publishing was founded in 2004 in response to the founders’ frustrations with the limitations of paper Bibles. Since that day, the company has been committed to developing high-quality, long-lasting Waterproof Bibles.