Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scrambles and Scribbles ~ An Ear by Any Other Name is Still an Ear?

It took me a bit but I just figured out that I subconsciously really wanted a Beagle apparently.

Some of the cutest videos I've seen are featuring Beagles.  This one. is the one I found a few months ago that involved the smart dog climbing up on the counter and liberating chicken nuggets from the toaster oven. Yup. She's a Beagle.

And the cutie who loaded up the baby with toys after stealing her favorite? A Beagle. Here's more of Charlie.

My dream dog was a Corgi. I love the off the chart cuteness, the short stubby legs and the color blocking. Their size is perfect. 13ish inches tall and 25 pounds. You can pick em up and have them on your lap but they are sturdy enough to act like a bigger dog. Turns out a Beagle is almost the same stats height and weight and the difference in my book is going to be flopped ears instead of bat ears. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure my babies are my dream dogs.