Monday, March 10, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Post Wedding Pics and Thoughts.

A friend of the family made a bride's cake and molded pinecones out of modeling
chocolate and flowers our of gum paste... it was so pretty. 
& and I made this for the wedding. She wanted a rustic/shabby chic chalkboardy
directional sign telling people where to go for different aspects. ion

They had a hot chocolate bar with add-ins; chopped white and dark chocolate,
marshmallows, candy cane and caramel. The trick was heating the chocolate. The church
had a huge commercial kitchen...(so fun and intimidating) and the hot cocoa mix needed to be
heated with whole milk and brought to hot, hot. I spent three hours mixing and heating hot
chocolate in this witch's cauldron. Seriously, it was hard not to toss in eyes and wings. This
sucker held about 7 gallons and the paddle could've propelled a small canoe across a lake.
Or actually, one paddle would've made a lovely circling action. I'm glad the lakes were frozen. 

Love these. A co-worker of the bride makes these cakes stands. 

Aneomes might be my favorite flower now. I'd forgotten how cute and sweet they are. 

Wax flowers. Too pretty.

The wedding decor was simple. The ceremony was one of the most Christ-centric ones I've ever sat through. The event was a celebration of the couple and their foundation built on Christ individually and now as a couple. It was so cool. 

We put together bouquets of fresh flowers and boutonnieres on Friday morning. A friend of the bride had some know-how and access to a florist supply shop and gave us tutorials. We then had a long period where we were just able to relax and chill. No frenetic bride or mom of bride energy. 

The theme was shabby chic elegant, and it was. Some simple chalkboard signs, a Photo Booth, a kid's table with point and shoot cameras and a list of things to shoot, a table full of cakes/desserts and a hot chocolate bar. Simple candles and single vases of flowers/greenery adorned each reception table. White lights wrapped around pillars and draped from the balcony in the sanctuary. Instead of a guest book they had a silk covered piƱata ball that guests put personal notes in that will be sealed and then opened on the couple's first anniversary. The couple left to a sparkler salute.