Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - NO!

What's in a word?

One of my personal favorites is a short one. To the point. Concise. Oops -- I've become redundant.

One syllable. Easily learned by toddlers and a staple for two-year-olds.

A cinch to interpret unless you have no access to body language or voice inflection.

But there is a problem with this word.

Kind of like the teensy, tiny systemic meltdowns that we all experience during cold and virus season. One not-visible-with-the-naked-eye germ can stomp us for days.

One well-timed "no" can destroy my day.

And just like bacteria can dig in deep and become resistant to antibiotics and actually become attitude toward the word "no" can become a life-ruiner.
Suffering from any forms of no-itis?