Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Plugging Away at the Goals

My goal to fill two bags this month is done. But I have another bag that is just itching for use. I may just have to fill that one, too. The thing I've noticed about getting rid of THINGS, and by things I mean items that really have no value to me. Those items might be really valuable to someone else. And by hanging on to my THING I'm maybe hanging onto someone else's blessing. 

I've also actually forced myself to take time to put together the three marketing pieces I need for our book release. Since it's not even the middle of the month I'm going to double my goal.  My violin sits neglected though. However, I have a lesson soon and I'm planning on asking some questions that might clarify some things for me so I can practice more efficiently. That's the plan anyway.   

I'm thinking about February goals. I think budgeting will be one of them...YIKES.