Monday, January 21, 2013

#11 QuitCHIR ~ Look For It....

There are miracles all around us. And we become so tunnel-focused and insulated that we forget all about the wonder, the awe, the breathtaking, that is ours to notice. 

When was the last time you truly focused on the exact here and now, and marveled in it? 

I am so prone to going through the motions. The sun rises. The sun sets. I tell my near dear ones that I love them, and sometimes, it's reflexive. My prayers become lists of what I'd like the God of the universe to do. Even the act of kissing my husband goodbye is often just blah. This, of course, is the same man who can leave me starry-eyed and slightly dizzy. 

Everything just becomes routine and the miracles, the special, the wonder, gets lost. 

Live in the moment. Taste that first sip of coffee and feel the warmth travel down your throat, smell it, enjoy it. Kiss your significant other like you mean it. Like you really want to take a part of him or her with you through your day. Tell someone you love them, and remember why you love them. Notice the sunrise. Or the puffy clouds floating above the earth. Listen for the singing of birds, or the sweet voice of the child in the other room. Pray like you have a relationship with your relationship is important to you, not because of what He could do for you, but because of who He is. Sing. Just because. 

Embrace wonder. It might just change your day.