Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Faux No

Call me brain fried. I'll answer. Maybe. 

Last week was Rob's surgery and all those details, AND new computer system training at the office on Friday. 

Eight hours of behind-in-chair time at work. Takeaway? About 45 minutes of pertinent information that applied to my job. (Some of that was what I gleaned from co-workers during breaks.) 

The best part of the day was coming up with creative "patient" names that I might use for practice sessions. Friday's main practice patient was Mr. Test Tester. At our last computer upheaval training 12 years ago we used Fake Patient. 

Both are worthy names. And clearly Faux enough that we wouldn't be deceived into thinking either was a real deal patient. 

Which brings me to to my ideas. 

If I wanted to create a profile for a difficult patient I could go for Test Testy. Either gender works. We have enough cranky folks in both genders represented in our practice. 

Then the temptation is to go with a French flair. Faux Test is an idea, or Faux Testes... that one has merit. 

Like I said, I might be a little crazy. So it's probably time to remove myself from this page before I type something really ridiculous.