Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Daily Chops and Crabs...

So I had some produce that needed a little tender loving care. 

The grapes above, after cooking down and being squeezed through a cheesecloth and then cooked down more provided one jar of grape jam.  Even though I had gotten optimistic and prepped two. It tastes good, a little tart because I was very chintzy with the sugar, but good. 

Which brings me to the next project. A huge vat of dill pickle relish that filled seven pint-sized jars. 

Oh my. And there was a series of pickles when attempting to make the relish.  Two grocery stores were out of dill seed and mustard seed. Apparently EVERYONE in my city made dill pickles yesterday. And I almost forgot the garlic. And I had to buy lids. And improvise. And I WAS NOT about to go to a third grocery store. 

The recipe called for seeds, I used powdered mustard and dill weed. The recipe called for white vinegar, I used apple cider. The recipe called for a whole lot of sugar. WAY too much. So I used 1/4 the amount called for. 

I'm hoping I don't regret seven jars.