Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Play Date

I should have blogged yesterday.

But I played with round-headed kids. Then I needed to recover.

I'm practicing being around little kids because some day, it's inevitable, I'll be a grandma. Right? So my niece drops her little ones off for 23 to bond with and on those days I come home early so I can play. Turns out that X-ta suggesting I needed to get busy on procuring grandkids is on the right track. The dogs just don't cut it. Cute. But it's pretty hard to out cute a toddler wearing a crap-eating grin. (Not literally...because that would clearly take all the fun out of the experience for me.)

These are things I may have know about little kids but have forgotten since it's been awhile.

They are very literal. Do you know that sarcasm goes right over their heads?

Laughing can be hysterical. So can eye-gouging and head-butting.

Crying is something that sometimes happens for no reason.

A good burp is a thing to be celebrated. As is a good poop.

Kids have awesome core muscles.

From asleep to awake to asleep can takes just seconds and involve lots of vocalization.

They smell good...when cleaned up.

If you push on the bag of formula to get rid of air bubbles and you don't have the nipple on tight you get wet and the dogs find you fascinating.

Things I have discovered that I never even considered twenty years ago.

Cup holders on car seats. SERIOUSLY.

DVD players in the backseat.

Toys have gone way high tech. Banging on something with a hammer now may give all sorts of feedback and instructions in electronic voice. (Or it may get the adult in the room to jump up and redirect, but that's a different story.)

Pictured...round-headed kids from twenty plus years ago.