Thursday, August 30, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Blog Post on a Stick Part 3

A few last thoughts on my day at the Iowa State Fair…

The fair sports an art theme/gimmick. One year, large, decorated pigs lounged around every corner and in front of nearly every building. This year…soybeans. Artified and unique oval shaped blobs.

A true test of creativity.

Another standard Iowa State Fair treat appearing for over forty years -- the infamous butter sculptures. They were so popular that while we wandered the building that housed them we could only look from a distance. According to the Des Moines Register state fair quiz, Dolly Parton has not been immortalized in butter.

I think she’d be a great display for next year.

The extension office had a booth of bugs (or insects) and the five inch millipede appealed to me for some reason…probably heat stroke. Though I enjoyed holding it (yes, definitely heatstroke) with it crunchy outer shell and hundreds of tiny legs that undulated across my palm, I didn’t enjoy the slime trail it left. Millipede urine. A once in a lifetime experience for many of us – eh what?

Okay, I'm done with my fair thoughts. I'm attending LifeLight a huge Christian music festival in Sioux Falls this weekend. I'll see what I can stir up there and report back to you all.

Come back tomorrow for Tony Hines interview. He gave some excellent answers.