Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ You Probably Want to Read This If You'd Like to Win.....

Yesterday I announced that I'm on the Cut the Crud six month fast.

Before going there and making that decision my partners in crime and I made the decision that necessities are allowed. Because of the big kitchen project we've got going on we've decided that lights are a necessity.

And a few weeks ago, during the planning of this big six month event I was given an opportunity to do a review of a website, a giveaway or a combo of both.
It took me weeks to decide. Especially when I started poking around. I was given a link to the CSN group of on-line stores.

Though I wasn't exactly looking for a
Bedroom Vanity I went there and started going real deep. I got excited about some of the light fixtures that are available through the multi-site CSN Stores. Finally, I made my decision. I want to share the fun. So. Over the next couple of weeks you'll find me pondering how I'll use my gift certificate, and then you'll find my review of the website and the process of being a customer.

One thing that really excites me is that many items have free shipping. And after checking out several items through a Google search I discovered that the prices are great, too.
I will be spending $30.00 courtesy of Just Vanities...and one of you will be too. And that $30.00 will be product with plenty of stuff to choose from.

Start leaving comments now. Every comment will be a chance at winning the certificate and all posts with
CSN in the body of the post will count starting today, and ending exactly 30 days after my review posts.