Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~Tricks No Treats

Dog Week = Dog Treats (for want of a better word).

Last week I mentioned a very awkward moment whilst walking the dogs. If you've seen the commercial series regarding embarrassing moments you may have seen the one where the gal runs into a friend and while they are talking Friend A realizes she's swinging a bag of dog poo around. Ours is a touch worse.

Lily has this amusing habit of grabbing mouthfuls of grass while we walk. We didn't think she was getting much, more that she was mouthing the fun fox-tail type of weeds. Turns out she was apparently getting more fiber than she knew what to do with. We discovered this when she took her "daily constitutional" in the strip of grass along the trail.

We had picked a fairly busy time to walk with cars whizzing by on their way home from work or headed out to dinner. Usually the "daily moments" don't take long and the evidence is bagged neatly before any passersby can lose the appetite.

But not at that moment.

Seems like the weed fiber decided to make a statement or take a stand if you can follow my drift. Just then, as Lily danced around trying to figure out what was going on down south, and 22 attempted to "help" things along with the plastic bag, a co-worker of 22's pulled up on her bike.

Yes. This was an awkward moment. What do you say? The situation is pretty self-explanatory. If you ride into a moment like this, do you offer to "help?" Small talk it pretty limited, let me tell you.

You'll be happy to know that all ended well.