Friday, May 25, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Rene Snitches

Rene's back with some answers to random questions.

Visit Wednesday's post to read more about her latest release, "Snitch."

If you could write in another language, which language would you choose? Why?

Hebrew. I think it would be amazing to be able to write in the original language of the Bible.

Flora and fauna or meat and potatoes? Why?

Meat and potatoes. I have no idea what flora and fauna are!

Favorite Blog or Website?

MSNBC. I'm always checking the headlines.

If you could only own three books, which ones would you own?

My Bible, my first novel, some really big, fat, deep, hard-to-understand theological book that I would normally never dream of reading.

Give a premise/tagline, character name, first line from a romance set in a sewage processing plant.

Hey...this sounds a little like Scoop! The book does revolve around a sewage processing plant. But not inside, so let me see here: FIRST LINE He knew immediately it was love, not because of how his heart skipped a beat or his skin perspired when she walked by. He knew because he could smell her floral perfume from the other room, and that was no small miracle in his world.

Share a moment when you realized that you really are a writer.

I was teaching at a writers conference and my name tag read: Rene Gutteridge, novelist.

Which book of the Bible fascinates or touches you most?

The book of John. I love the style of writing, I love the relationship they had. I can't read the first chapter without getting chills. I named my first child John.

If money/responsibilities were no object what would you do with one day?

Take my husband and kids to see the castles overseas.

Have a great weekend, everyone -- a nice long, relaxing, hang-out kind of three-day weekend.