Thursday, January 29, 2009

Serials and Scenarios ~ Robert Liparulo Back with Gatekeepers


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In the third novel of this young adult series, the mystery deepens in a house that is more than meets the eye.

The Kings have been in the creepy old place, their new home, for only a few days, but they've experienced enough terror to last a lifetime. And the mystery is growing even more baffling. Shadowy and shifting, the big house conceals doors into other worlds that blur the line between memories and dreams-and the slightest misstep can change history forever.

At least, that's if they believe the trembling old man who shows up claiming to know them. "There's a reason you're in the house," he tells them. "As gatekeepers, we must make sure only those events that are supposed to happen get through to the future."

The problem is that horrors beyond description wait on the other side of those gates. As if that weren't enough, the Kings are also menaced by sinister forces on this side-like the dark, ancient stranger Taksidian, who wants them out now.

It's hard to believe that things could have gotten worse for the King family-but they have. Dad's in handcuffs, the school bully has just found the secret portal that leads from the high school to the house, and Xander is sure he's found Mom, but they can't get back to her. Then Jesse arrives, and he seems to be a virtual Obi Wan of knowledge about the place. But is he the key they need to unlock the secrets, or just a crazy old man?

Dangers are increasing from within and without when Xander makes a startling discovery that explains why they haven't found any rooms that lead to the future. Alongside the threats, though, they're also starting to find some surprising allies.
All they have to do is get organized, get psyched, and get Mom. But that isn't nearly as easy as it sounds.

Xander, David, and Toria must venture beyond the gates to save their missing mother-and discover how truly high the stakes have become.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Gatekeepers (Dreamhouse Kings #3), go HERE

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My Review:

Robert Liparulo has taken the Dreamhouse Kings to the next level. Tension keeps the pages turning. Constantly appearing bad guys keep the fingernails embedded in sore palms or clamped between the teeth. Three kids left nearly alone to figure out a mystery of a house that wants to destroy their entire family. Can they escape? Can they keep their family together?

New characters are introduced and the stakes continue to climb higher. This story series and the twists and turns are alternately unbelievable and overwhelming then cycling back to hopeful. Every chapter is soaked with adrenaline.

Adventure loving kids and adults need to look further into this series. One thing bugged me as a parent....the adults seem a little too hands off, it works, but I couldn't help struggling with the need to suspend belief in several spots.