Friday, November 23, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Tricia Goyer's A Shadow of Treason

Hope your Thanksgiving was grand. Here's a book review if you are in the mood for a good historical.

Tricia Goyer continues the story of the Spanish Civil war and paints a picture of sorrow, pain, fear and hope. As in any war, the loss is considerable and the opportunities are endless for a chance to become a reluctant hero.

Sophie went to Spain to find true love and ended up finding real love while sacrificing for a greater cause. That cause, as often happens in conflict, becomes nebulous and hard to hold on to when faced with the belief and passion of the enemy.

Is Sophie helping the right side? Is either side right?

Powerful plot, deep characters, vivid writing -- if you like Goyer, you'll want to get a copy. If you like reading about obscure bits of history and overlooked wars check into this series.

Scribbles and Scrambles -- Post Thanksgiving Thanks

Thought I'd share a moment from our Thanksgiving.

Almost everyone is laughing. That's pretty much the way it was all evening. Families are a fabulous thing...all the warts, weirdness and wonder of it all.

Thanks, God, for my peeps.