Monday, July 21, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Checks, Please.

I feel kinda cheap. Like if I paste adorable puppies on here I'll be forgiven for lame posts. 

But I gotta give one more lame post. Honestly. My crazy jet setter life style is just totally on the back burner at the moment. Highlights of my weekend? Breathing and not feeling like I was in a feverish daze. Yep. The farmer's market where the pups were a hit and did a really good job at not barking. Yay! Puppies! I hate small dogs that cujo at the end of their leash. Hate. 

I used self-tanner for the first time in a whole long time. It's still true that the applicator is the key. And by applicator I mean the person who puts the self-tanner onto themselves and forgets the whole "WATCH for ELBOW syndrome." Did you know it applies to heels and ankles, too? My calves look golden ankle looks not so much like that. 
So many little snippets of planning? Check! Violin practice? Check! Allowing volunteering of my violin skills at the wedding? Check! In 2 months? Check! YIKES! Oh, 7 year old photographers make for very interesting photo stream viewing. Not sure I ever want to see most of those photos again. Angles and focus points are probably not a strong area for her.