Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Not the Cutest Parent Anymore

I’ve been usurped. I’ve had to hand over my wand and crown.

I’m not the cutest parent in our house anymore. Rob is.

Because of technology.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll get it back because they love to laugh at me when I’m disciplining them. But for now, I’m feeling the sting of lost position.

For Father’s Day Rob received an I-Pod Shuffle. Now that little buggar is cute. (the I-Pod, well…Rob’s pretty cute, too) It’s the size of a book of matches. Do people still carry those? And it holds 248 songs. Our song diva (who boasts 3,000+ songs on her own I-Pod – the queen mother-sized one) loaded Rob’s tiny little music source, taught him how to use it and sent him on his way. But because he’s not up on the whole techie lingo, he’s cute.

So just because in our day we hefted music around on our shoulders, he gets to be cute. Just because we couldn’t afford a bomb box in the day and had to rely on really loud car stereos…he’s cute.

But I have to admit those dangly white cords and the head bobbing thing is pretty attractive. And I suppose he’ll let me borrow it every once in awhile. After all, I do know how to recharge it.

Hopefully they won’t ever get him a blue tooth phone.