Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Snow Day

Gladys is NOT Amused
With our "blizzard" aka 6 inches of snow and blow we had a snow day at the local schools. Including our kids. 

& had to work so I offered to take the kids for the afternoon. 

Here are the high points: 

Three bags came in with the kids. Outdoor fun was number one on the list. So even though their mother told them no less than 4 times to go potty, nobody had to go. 

Locked and loaded we headed out for our adventure. The 2 older kids found a huge pile of snow and commenced trouncing in it. 

The lil one discovered that the pups enjoyed knocking her feet out from underneath her. Right as mom was driving down the road Lil buffed it face first. Ugh! I prepped to hear the high pitched keening of injury and for triage. But she laughed. Oh, sweet mercy we skated past that one. 

One of the older ones screamed and raised a sock foot in the air. I pulled a boot from the snow bank and replaced it on the foot. We headed down to softer ground and I heard. "Let's get this started." And glanced over to see a huge 8 inch ice chunk headed toward my head. Nailed it! She clocked me in my left temple. That girl has arm. With birdies and stars swirling and dancing round my head, I explained that ice balls are not what we throw in a snowball fight. Two more boot in snow issues and some peaceful calm while 3 kids made snow angels and 4 dogs pounced and played. 

Then the little bit decided she wanted to go in. I suggested other things to do. She looked up at me with her little hat all dusted in snow and 2 gooey nose tracks trickling toward her mouth. "I'm cold." Then the middle one tore over to me with matching nose goo. 

"Okay, I'm going to take the little ones in because they are cold. You can play in the backyard with the dogs." I said to the oldest. 

"I have to go pee." 

Time spent outdoors? Fifteen minutes. 

Story potential? Limitless.