Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Squabbles and Labels

Lily and Lola have a typical sibling rivalry infested relationship. Lola is the smarter dog, she gets the tricks and loves to perform. She is obedient and she's manipulative. Lily is the snuffling attention, affection hog. Don't even try to bend over to pet Lola because you'll get a face full of Lily. Lily also has the tendency to wander and be distracted. Both have strengths and weaknesses and their qualities clash -- often.

Feral, the frolicking, fearless kitten runs roughshod over the timid Freckles. Interestingly, Freckles used to be the mean cat on the block. Why in the world would she let some little whippersnapper take over her world and the attention of her people? We'd love to see more of her, but she won't come out until he's no where to be seen.

And a few groups of sisters I happen to see often...well...shudder. I don't really want to go there with the details, but lets just say labels, issues and pecking order are set in concrete and not necessarily truth.

So how much should we allow circumstances or another person's strengths or weaknesses define us?

Here's another worthy goal in 2008. Let my yes be yes and my no be no and the person I answer to be God. I wonder how many things I'd do differently and how many changes would occur in the way I label myself.

How about you? Still wearing a label from childhood that doesn't fit and never has? What are you waiting for? I'll bet there are some people who'd love to see a little more of "you" if you'd just come out of hiding.