Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Serials and Scenarios - Orchard of Hope

Orchard of on the cover of the book to head over to Amazon and check it out.

My Review:

Like a shoot of green forcing its way in hard-packed soil is the truth behind the issues in "Orchard of Hope." Through severe and unexpected racial tension, unknown and bitter prejudices, and intense pain, hope grows, unfurls and flutters.

This is a novel that gets stronger as it heads toward the conclusion. I grew to care about the characters and I found myself grieving, even aching, with them.

This isn't an easy read. I don't like to be reminded, or encounter, fresh evidence of prejudice and bitterness based on the color of flesh. Nor do I like to see the ugliness of the human condition without Christ's healing and redemptive power.

Gabhart handles spiritual issues with sensitivity. Story lines of unfolding love and new life add to the sweetness of the planting of hope in "Orchard."

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